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Tropical Moss Patch

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This moss is a mix of several Tropical Mosses, with the majority being Java Moss. The NCDartFrogs Tropical Moss Patches also contain other micro greens such as Süsswassertang, which is actually a fern gametophyte.

The NCDartFrogs Tropical Moss Patches are terrestrially grown in roughly 4” diameter circular patches. Each patch may be laid in place as-is for immediate full-coverage, or the patch may be gently pulled apart and thinned out in order to cover a much larger area for it to grow.

The moss can be placed on the substrate, wood, cork, and the background. To secure the moss you can simply tuck it into crevices, wrap it around branches, or affix it with Cyanoacrylate Super Glue or thread/fishing line. In time as the moss establishes it will secure itself. This moss also looks great when lightly wrapped around the base of mounted bromeliads. Not only does this provide a natural look, but it benefits the plants. The moss will hold in enough moisture to encourage bromeliad roots to grow and affix the plant, while allowing enough air circulation to prevent the rotting of the crown of the plant.

It is important for the moss to maintain moisture, especially after it is first added and it is establishing itself. Automated misting systems such as Mist King makes this easy. If hand misting make sure to spray daily. When placing the moss compress it down against the surface to help it hold onto moisture, this also encourages attachment. If trying to establish the moss on a non-porous surface that does not have the ability to hold moisture (such as a rock or a drylok background) it may be necessary to lay the moss on top of some strands of moisture-holding Sphagnum Moss. This will help prevent the moss from completely drying out between mistings. Given adequate light and consistent moisture the moss will grow and spread.

Under some environmental conditions found in some novice’s vivariums tropical mosses can become lanky and thin. It appears to be due one or more of super high moisture/saturation, air stagnation, and/or low light. Ensuring adequate light, as well as pressing down on the moss patch while it is maturing will remediate if this occurs and ensure a tight low-growing blanket of moss.


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Shipping & DOA Policy

 The shipping and receiving of live animals is a delicate matter, the shorter and smoother the process the less stress on the frogs. The customer receiving the frogs should be prepared and put plans in place to accept the frogs without delay.

       All frogs are shipped via UPS Next Day Air. The frogs are packed in an insulated box with a Cryopak Phase 22, as well as other thermal control methods. 

     Weather-permitting, shipping takes place Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Tracking information will be sent to your email.      

     Having the frogs shipped for pickup at your closest UPS Store is encouraged as it prevents the frogs from having to bounce around on the delivery truck all day.  

     Frogs are provided with a Live Arrival Guarantee under the following conditions. The temperature must be between 40°F and 90°F at the frogs destination. The delivery of the frogs must be accepted on the first attempt, or picked up at the UPS Store within 1 hour of being made available. If there is any issue the shipper must be e-mailed photographs of the deceased frog within 2 hours of delivery or the package being made available for pickup at the UPS Store. This time-window is enforced to ensure that effort was made to receive the frogs in good condition. 

     Delays in the ability of UPS to transport the package, such as inclement weather, are out of the control of the shipper, thus require that the Live Arrival Guarantee be void should a delay occur. However the frogs are packaged extremely well, and usually survive without issue even if the package is delayed a day.  

    Should a Death On Arrival occur within the terms of the Live Arrival Guarantee the the full price of the deceased frog will be put on credit for a future order. Credit will expire one year from being issued. Shipping costs are not refunded to the shipper, and thus can not be refunded to the customer.  

    Any questions regarding the shipping procedures or the guarantee policy can be sent to


We captive breed and rear all of our froglets to a strict standard. We know you will not be dissapointed by the vigor and vivid coloration of our frogs and plants!