MartinMorphisis Tadpole Systems

provide the ideal set-up to raise tadpoles in captivity. The individual cubicles prevent cannibalism that is prevalent in Ranitomeya and Dendrobates, while the communal water body provides water-quality stability and allows for the complete filtration of the water.

All systems come standard with mechanical and biological filtration. Chemical filtration and Ultraviolet Sterilization can also be added to any system. Since each unit is custom made other accessories, such as Auto-Top-Off float valves, can be installed so as to allow the system to be as efficient and advanced as one desires.

MartinMorphisis systems are custom-built and assembled using 1/4” acrylic for the main bodies of the system and 1/8” acrylic for the trays of cubicles. All joints of the main body of the systems are reinforced with 1/2” triangular braces resulting in robust and rugged construction.

The trays of cubicles that house the tadpoles feature removable dividers, allowing use of the full area/size of the system even during times when not stocked to full carrying-capacity. Cubicle size is typically between 1.75” and 2” squared, resulting in each cubicle having a floor space of 3-4 square inches. Since each system is custom-made the cubicle size can be designed according to needs. For example larger cubicles could be assembled for the raising of axolotls, allowing them to be reared without the risk of limb amputation caused by feisty siblings.

Water flow is powered by high-quality Italian-made Sicce pumps, and distributed via spray-bars.

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